The Nutanix Cloud Platform comprises hybrid cloud infrastructure, multicloud management along with unified storage, database services, and desktop services, to support any application and workload, in any location. Nutanix leverages its industry leading, 100% software-defined hyperconverged infrastructure to provide a single cloud platform that seamlessly brings to life your hybrid multicloud strategy.
IT-solutions struggled to meet business needs
By the time Nutanix was introduced, the requirements of companies of all sizes for their IT infrastructure were steadily growing in terms of reliability, efficiency and payback. The IT solutions that existed on the market could not cope with the needs of the business, and under such pressure, IT teams began to squeeze all the sources out of the equipment entrusted to them and, in addition to business requirements, questions about the infrastructure from their own point of view grew - this is high availability, performance, scalability, ease of administration and high level of support. Since the market was already formed and most of the solutions were already established, when working with certain tasks, companies chose from a fairly small number of “recognized” options based on their needs and capabilities. At the same time, the choice in favor of one or another solution forced the IT team to abandon some of the advantages that competitors have.
Nutanix found the perfect solution
They combined virtualization servers and storage in one product. Most importantly, the entire software component is developed by the company itself, which guarantees the compatibility of all components and guaranteed high-quality support. Today, the company does not weaken its movement forward and delivers its product not only as a turnkey solution, but also add value of infrastructure and application automation to accelerate the speed of IT services, eliminate unnecessary overhead costs, and introduce time-sensitive efficiencies, provide advanced storage for structured and unstructured data and simplify database operations through increased scale and reduce unnecessary overhead costs.
Cluster management in a single web interface
All-in-One Solution
In addition to actively developing in its original direction, virtualization and storage, the hyperconverged architecture adopted by the company allows it to actively expand capabilities in various related directions. The result of the success of the chosen approach to building the product was the appearance in the ready-made Nutanix solution of such features as file and objects storage, data protection with the ability to recover without the use of third-party products, asynchronous and synchronous data replication, application migration, monitoring and updating hardware and software components from a single windows, centralized management of both one and several clusters using a single web interface that works in any modern browser without the need to install any third-party tools. And all of this can run on top of Nutanix NX, Dell XC, HPE DX, Lenovo HX and Fujitsu XF platforms.